Eagles Nest


The artists’ colony of St.Ives could lay claim to having first dibs on Eagles Nest, it being the former home of one of its most prominent figures – Patrick Heron. But as a cyclist, the location is something equally noteworthy: a climb, one with a certain grandeur.

Let’s take it heading east (as the Wheelers regularly do). It goes up in three ramps. The first section actually has a bit of downhill. Then comes the sweeping bend to the right, where you can look up and see the road above you. The final section is a straight bit to the top. Unless you’re Chris Froome, you’re probably going to be overtaken and dropped. But hey, enjoy the view. Not that there always is one. When the fog and mizzle roll in, the only thing you’ll be seeing is your front wheel.

Strava Segment

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